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 Meet the Pickles Family 

Earl Pickles

Earl is a retiree with way too much free time on his hands. His main hobbies are teaching his grandson important things, like that the best way to find something you lost is to buy another, and driving his wife Opal crazy. He is a couch potato, curmudgeon and all around geezer-in-residence. On the outside he seems a bit gruff, but deep inside he's a real grouch. 

Opal Pickles

Opal is the quintessential grandmother. She is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, Red Hat Lady and cat servant. She loves Earl, but don't ask her to choose between Earl and Muffin.


Earl's and Opal's only grandchild, he is the apple of their eye, they joy of their old age, and the raider of their cookie jar. He likes staying with them because they have the same bedtime as him.


A dog of very little brain, but nevertheless a faithful companion. His only regret in life is that he wasn't born a golden retriever.


Described by some as somewhat surly, she strives to maintain her sense of superiority while still having to beg for her Meow Mix.


The Pickle's daughter, she's a divorced, working mother. Her main goal is to raise her son, Nelson, without turning into her mother.


Dan, a wildlife photographer, wished for and won Sylvia's hand in marriage. If life with Sylvia and Nelson were meat and potatoes, life with Earl and Opal for in-laws would be the appetizer... mixed nuts.


Pearl is Opal's devoted sister, though she thinks Opal could have done better in the marriage department. 


Earl's buddy and fellow park bench philosopher. Together they tell it like it is, or at least how they think it ought to be. 

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